Daily Horoscope for Gemini

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You feel agitated, you’re moody and worsen the situation when you far too readily seek to place the blame on others, inevitably leading to new conflicts. Get to the heart of the problem, analyze the origins of your stress, make a note of things that really bother you and find a solution yourself. In particular, make staying healthy one of your top priorities.

Weekly Horoscope for Gemini

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Your noticeably fearless approach impresses, you have the stamina to tackle any task. Unafraid you take on more commitments even though you’ve enough to do already. You approach things in a rather unstructured way and try to get too many things done at once. Make sure you don't waste time on irrelevant details or lose your temper in the process. Be willing to make compromises in your relationship; if you don't you may be in for a lot of arguments. Pay attention to the signals your body sends you.

Tomorrow's Horoscope for Gemini

Don’t be surprised if the simplest of conversations lead to misunderstandings. This isn't necessarily your fault, there's possibly something wrong, so try again later. Or indeed if it is your fault and you're being far too obstinate that people are forced to contradict you, rein in your ego somewhat, then others talk to you and respond in a more customary way.
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